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Pipeline Robot Helps Dredge Drainage Pipes

28 Date: 2020-09-03 Tag: Pipe Inspection Crawler Camera

On August 26, in the underpass of Jiangbei City, the staff accurately positioned the blockage with the help of robots.

Chongqing Daily News (trainee reporter Wang Tianyi) After the flood, some underground drainage pipes were blocked by silt, but the blocking point was not visible on the ground. What should I do?

Don't worry, there are pipeline robots to help. The reporter learned from the Jiangbei District Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee on August 26 that multiple robots were used in the dredging of underground drainage pipes in the district, which saved more than 60% of engineering costs compared to traditional manual methods.

The reporter saw in the underpass of Jiangbei City yesterday that the staff opened the pavement manhole, put a pipe robot about 25 cm wide and about 30 cm high into the drainage pipe, and used a tablet computer to control the robot to move through the pipe and receive it. Real-time picture returned. When the robot encounters a serious blockage and cannot move forward, the staff will retract it, put it into the robot again from another wellhead about 20 meters apart, and repeat the detection operation.

In about half a day, the staff operated the robot to detect the drainage pipes from more than 20 well heads, and found out the blockages and the degree of blockage in the underpass of Jiangbei City and the nearby 400-meter-long pipeline.

According to reports, this pipeline robot is one of many IoT devices on the "Jiangbei District Smart Drainage System 2.0" platform. In the flood transit, because of the application of the platform, the input of information observation and collection personnel at various monitoring points can be reduced, and efforts can be concentrated on the repair and dredging of the drainage system, which greatly improves the efficiency of urban drainage in Jiangbei District.

Pipeline Robot Helps Dredge Drainage Pipes