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Leak Detection Method Of Pipeline Leak Detector

Leak Detection Method Of Pipeline Leak Detector

The sound leakage detection method is divided into valve plug listening and ground listening. The former is used to find the clues and scope of water leakage, referred to as leak point pre-positioning; the latter is used to determine the location of the leak point, referred to as accurate location of the leak point. To

Leak point pre-positioning refers to the method of listening leak sticks and electronic listening leak instruments to detect the range of water leakage in the water supply pipeline. Depending on the instrument used, the operating methods are also different. Up to now, it is practical, effective and low-cost. Pre-positioning technology mainly includes valve plug listening method. To

1.Valve plug listening method

The valve plug listening method is to use a listening stick to listen to the sound of water leakage generated by the leaking point directly at the exposed point of the pipeline (such as fire detection, valve and exposed pipeline, etc.), so as to determine the leaking pipeline and reduce the scope of water leakage detection. The frequency of water leakage from metal pipes is generally between 300 and 2500 Hz, while the frequency of water leakage from non-metal pipes is between 100 and 700 Hz.

The closer the listening point is to the leaking point, the louder the leaking sound will be heard; otherwise, the smaller it is.

2.Ground listening method

After the leaking pipe section is determined by the pre-positioning method, the leaking point of the underground pipeline is listened to on the ground with a pipeline leak detector, and accurate positioning is performed. The listening method is to compare the listening points at a certain interval along the direction of the leaking pipeline. When the ground sensor is close to the leaking point, the stronger the leaking sound is detected, the higher the spectrum scale on the instrument will gradually increase.

The sensor placement distance is related to the pipe material. Generally speaking, the distance between metal pipes is 1 to 2 meters, the distance between non-metal pipes is 0.5 to 1 meter, the distance between cement roads is 1 to 2 meters, and the distance between soil roads is 0.5 meters.

Leak Detection Method Of Pipeline Leak Detector