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Self-Description Of Pipeline Robot

208 Date: 2020-02-09 Tag: Pipeline Robot Self-Description Of Pipeline Robot
Everybody is good! I am a pipeline robot, the name of "bully" is "pipeline television detection system", closed circuit television in English, in order to remember and read, everyone calls me CCTV robot. Since the beginning of may, I have been working silently with my master pipeline engineer in Qiaonan community of Chidian town for over a month. My main task is to conduct a system check on stormwater works entering wah chau canal.

Don't take my "appearance level" too seriously. After all, I have to deal with pipes. In fact, my "body" is only 80cm long, with four small wheels, a "long nose" in the front, a high-definition camera in the center of the nose, a circle of bright lights around the camera, and a long "tail" at the end of the body. This long cable connects me to the controller and the computer. Specifically, I'm made up of crawlers, hd cameras, controllers, cable trays, computers.

Dear friends, I am a master at work. Even drilling into a pipe 30 centimeters in diameter is not awkward. As soon as the host let me into the pipe, the strong searchlight in my front end would "shake" to light up, the camera could turn 360 degrees, the four wheels could move forward and backward and left and right, not only that, the body could also rise and fall.

Master just stand in front of a computer screen, you can see I live video images of the pipeline internal, whether a pipeline rupture, deformation, corrosion, hi-lo, ups and downs, disconnect, interface material loss, branch pipe dark, foreign bodies, wear, leakage, whether any deposit, scaling, obstacles and residual wall dam state such as root, root, scum, under my "critical", can be clear at a glance.

Let me tell you, this time I will check the pipelines around the hua zhou canal. The total length of these pipelines is 86.6 kilometers. The host sees me, because the diameter of a lot of underground pipe network is only 1 meter or so, and the pipe is full of poisonous and harmful gas, but I can easily be competent for such a job.

"Don't worry, master! I'm adaptable, I'm fast, I'm accurate, I can find problems in every pipe, I can clearly mark the location, I must have sorted out all the 'capillaries' underground." Every time the pipeline work, I will proudly said to the owner, let the owner rest assured.

Self-Description Of Pipeline Robot