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Introduced Of The Related Inspection Of Gas Detector

267 Date: 2020-02-11 Tag: Related Inspection Of Gas Detector Gas Detector

Harmful gas physical examination instrument, toxic gas detector, combustible gas detector is a special safety and health detector, used to detect the combustible or toxic gas and vapor content in the air of chemical workplaces or equipment and alarm over the limit. Today small make up for you to introduce how to choose.


The following three principles should be paid attention to when choosing a gas detector:


The first is to choose the type of gas detector for the purpose of detection. The detection of harmful gas generally has two purposes: the first is to detect explosion, and the second is to detect poison.


The so-called detonation detection is to detect the combustible gas content in dangerous places and give an alarm over the limit in order to avoid the occurrence of explosion accidents. Poison detection is the detection of dangerous places toxic gas content, excessive alarm, in order to avoid poisoning staff.


Second: clear the test object, choose the best instrument model, need to pay attention to the instrument testing principle to adapt to the requirements of the test environment.


Thirdly, the equipment type should be selected for the purpose of testing. If it is the leakage detection for long-term operation at the production or storage post, the fixed detection alarm device should be selected. Other maintenance testing, emergency testing, access testing and mobile testing, such as the use of portable instruments.


Toxic and harmful gas detector is a powerful tool to ensure industrial safety and workers' health. We should choose the appropriate gas detector according to the specific environment and the required functions.


At present, there are various combinations of stationary/portable, diffused/pumped, single/multiple, inorganic/organic, and so on. Only by choosing the right gas detection instrument can we achieve twice the result with half the effort and nip in the bud.

Introduced Of The Related Inspection Of Gas Detector