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Notes For Ultrasonic Sounding Detector

Ultrasonic bathymeter is a bathymeter for measuring water in reservoirs, lakes, rivers and shallow seas. During the bathymeter, the ultrasonic transducer is placed on the water surface or in a certain position in the water. This instrument adopts the international advanced technology, has the perfect bathymetric measurement function, the control function, the data transmission function and the man-machine communication function. This machine is a bathymetric instrument integrating ultrasonic transceiver sensor, servo circuit, temperature compensation sensor and compensation circuit unit, display, control signal output and serial data or analog output unit (optional). It has the characteristics of less maintenance, high reliability, long life, easy to use, simple operation, and accurate measurement, so it is widely used in hydrology survey, hydropower plant, reservoir area, shallow sea, lake, channel survey and environmental water area monitoring.

◆ matters needing attention of ultrasonic sounding detector:

·ultrasonic water depth can only work in water, not in air.

·when working in seawater, N value (salinity value) should be output in P1 menu.

·transmission power cannot be set too high or too low, otherwise it will not work properly.

·ultrasonic bathymeter has blind area, and the value displayed within the blind area is random value.

◆ technical parameters of ultrasonic sounding detector (models other than the parameters in this table can be customized) :

·Product model DS/RISEN-SFCC (export type)

·Max large range 100m, 200m (standard plane for water at at20℃, optional)

· Detection blind area ≤5%~2%F.S (atF0~FS,20℃ standard plane)

· Draft depth of 500mm

· Detection accuracy ±0.5% (based on standard plane in 20℃ water)

· Output signal 4~20mA; RS485. Switch quantity (either)

· Display mode LCD

· Operating temperature 0~40℃ (sensor); -10 ℃ ~ 50℃ (meter)

· Rechargeable batteries are built into the power supply

· Outgoing sensor lead 10m, instrument standard socket

·Use medium fresh water and sea water (determined when ordering)

· Protection level sensor IP68

Notes For Ultrasonic Sounding Detector